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About us

Our site specializes particularly in diagnostics and treatment of:

  • Acute types of leukemia
  • Chronic types of leukemia
  • Malign lymphomas
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome
  • Serious and very serious aplastic anemia



The transplantation program was started in 1991 by the first relative bone marrow transplantation; in 1993 the program of non-relative bone marrow transplantations was started together with autogenous transplantations of hematopoietic cells after previous conditioning treatment by high-dose chemotherapy.

Our site ranks among the biggest transplantation centres in the Czech Republic thanks to the number of carried out alogenous and autogenous transplantations. Laboratories carrying out tissue typizations of patients, relative and non-relative bone marrow donors (HLA typization) have been accredited by the European Federation for ImmunogeneticsEFIsince 2000.

The Czech National Bone Marrow Register has been the only WMDA accredited register in the Czech Republic since 2005, and after its successful re-accreditation by WMDA it is one of the four accredited registers globally, together with centres in Great Britain, France and the U.S.A WMDA accreditation is a globally recognized certificate guaranteeing top-quality enrollment and examination of non-relative donors, taking their hematopoietic cells and transport of cells into the transplantation centre. (See more information at www.kostnidren.cz.)

So far we have been the only centre in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe accredited by JACIE since 2008 for autologous, alogenous relative and non-relative transplantations and also for taking and processing hematopoietic cells.


At present we carry out about 100 transplantations of hematopoietic cells a year, of which about one half is made up of transplantations from relative or non-relative donors. (Numbers of transplantations)

Every year we treat hundreds of patients by intensive chemotherapy or other costly state-of-the-art in-patient treatments or treatments in short-stay hospitals. You can find the basic treatment results in the chapter entitled Transplantation results.

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